NFTeeGals Collection  

Dreaming is great, but every Success in life is rooted in Goals.
So the best advice ever given you is that you focus on goals.
Dreaming will always come when we're asleep. - NFTeeGals

Utility is simple and straight forward 

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NFTeeGals Utility

Rarity Based on

NFTeeGals Utility

51 Swag Traits - 80 Hair Styles

NFTeeGals Utility

22 Eyes Types - 26 Skin Colors

NFTeeGals Utility

30 Dresses - 30 Backgrounds

NFTeeGals Utility

7 Backgrounds Decorations


A Whole Lot of Kawaii Cuteness

My Holders get Limited Commercial IP Rights for IRL use and Web3

This Project finances IRL Mural Series

A Certificate of Provenance Signed by the artist.

Artist Statement of the project with art glossary Traits explained.

Exclusive IRL

Art Events via 

Scavenger Hunts for Holder plus 1 guest

NFTeeGalsMe Collabs for personalized NFTeeGals.

As the IRL Mural 

Network grows -  

holders have access to discounts at art sites

Merchandise discounts and/or Exclusive Swag access.

Merch includes apparel, accessories, notebooks, art prints and inspirational posters

Periodic AirDrops with Free NFTeeGal Swag

This is a woman's business gateway NFT project. 

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