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Jezpokili patterns for the DIY enthusiast.

Updated: Apr 26

Dip your fingers into colorful design ideas. Find exclusive work by Jezli Pacheco on such sites as Redbubble, Zazzle, Spoonflower, Society6 and more. The idea is to be able to offer as many options as possible. Print on demand is the method du-jour, no existing quantities: they're created as you order.

Jezpokili features a collection of patterns in a variety of colors to evoke modern and fresh tones. Take the desired effect straight home! The patterns range from florals, 60's inspired, rockabilly, to even linear drawings.

The designs featured by Jezpokili have a playful but acid sweetness that is

needed to make a pattern more than just a group of shapes. From Citrusy greens, mellow yellows and bubble gum pinks to colors of the year like 2020's blues.

When pillows with a bit more edge are needed, custom made is the best way. For that matter, a complete set can be custom made and delivered asap. The question is: what are you looking for? Jezpokili Designs is the brainchild of artist designer Jezli Pacheco. After years of toying with the idea, she decided to pursue building her own design studio.

Jezpokili has 100's of art, wallpaper, home decor and apparel design options on multiple sites such as Roostery, Spoonflower, Redbubble and Society6. That's right, you pick: it's made to order. Knowing that having pre-existing product lines sitting on shelves would be impossible on an artists budget, Jezli has sorted and researched places that would be a great fit for her work.

Plus, Designer Jezli Pacheco is always searching for inspiration and creating from things and ideas she comes across. She's got a mind to always create. More, more, more! Controlling the urge to design random things is hard: you'll like a lot of them. So ask if you have a question, at Jezpokili we will help you.

The average person may not have a clue as to what colors they should coordinate. For that matter they're afraid to get it wrong in general. The principals of Interior Design are alien to them. Find out a few details of how Jezli (Jezpokili's Designer) would address the process. here. She does have an Interior Design background (as short as it may have being). That background will help you coordinate textures and colors, just ask.

Sometimes, taking the first step is the hardest part of a journey. Interior Design doesn't have to be difficult, on the contrary it can be fun. Find detail pieces set the stage for a place you can call your own. The design aesthetic at Jezpokili Designs is one of "The World is full of color and texture: love it and live it."

Cheers ~ Jezli

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