NFTeeGals Roadmap:

What's the idea?

1. Launch NFTeeGals via lazy minting - as a solo artist this will truly be the single most important and likely hardest part of my process. It's a shoestring budget by an artist looking to expand art audience for women.

2. The minting will allow for the financing of murals by myself: JezliP.


Things will get interesting once I start a search for other select female muralists that I may find would be perfect to participate and develop a collaboration in other cities.

Then What?

3. Once launch happens - Over a period of weeks NFTeeGals NFT's will be made available in tiered pricing.

The first 100 will be the most affordable as a thank you to this Genesis Collection supporters. Those not sold within that week will be adjusted to the next tier pricing!


Pricing will go UP on a weekly basis!!! the NFT's being dropped will come with supporting material stating Hodler Commercial Rights/Use for the NFT.

And Then?


4. I expect the project will be a slow grind but Hodlers will regardless have immediate satisfaction with the image. They will be able to use it Commercially if desired.

NFTeeGals were created specially as an Art Experiment in the form of a PFP Collection that will deliver work custom edited regardless of the generative start to the process.

That's it. Whatever else may come, thanks for supporting, looking forward to creating Murals IRL.