NFTeeGals Collection 
To bring Web3 to IRL Settings

The future of NFTeeGals is community engagement. Currently looking to find actual IRL sites where NFTeeGals may display art for future scavenger hunts. The intent is to participate in fun events, while learning about new and untried places. Community building via exploration.

-NFTeeGals intends to penetrate the DIY, Art & Motivational Industries with a mindset of service and personal growth.

-With each new member NFTeeGal Collector, we hope to encourage mindful self awareness and interactions with others. 

-We have a successful 1st Mural in place, now we are working on at least 4 more sites to create our first hunt.

-Perks includes inspirational posters, t-shirts, stickers and more.

-Check out the Utility Page to find out more about the contents package that will come with ownership of a NFTeeGal including Commercial Rights to the image.

-Change happens with every choice we make is mindful of our peers, the future and our environment. 

-NFTeeGals is meant to generate time for Collectors to breathe and relax. The mission is to make a difference.