NFTeeGals Collection 

Please come back for details on NFTeeGals Glossary!
The Collection is highly influenced by iconography depicting traits of the individual and you will find those traits explained here.

Make sure and stay tuned! Here's a bit of background info.


NFTeeGals started as an art project and developed a unique footprint that attempts to acknowledge women. The collection comprises of 14,000 unique images a mix of Generative methods and then each edited to conform to the artists standards.

Within the groupings there are images of women with different traits that themselves describe the message each contains. Strictly speaking, this project explores iconography as part of the process of recognizing meaning in each (PFP) Profile Picture.

The groups of images explores iconography in everything that is featured in the image. Keep that in mind and feel free to explore what the image tells you?

This explanation is meant to give a ground level understanding of the project that you may in turn start your own interpretation. As the artist I understand that all art is subject to each persons own lens, therefore I've made every effort to share my thoughts but attempt to allow room for your own ideas to form.


What is the meaning behind each image will be dependent on the context of the icons. For now, I will include a baseline from which you can interpret. The NFTeeGals Collection has starter icons and the meaning behind them is grounded on known basic social identifiers. Again interpretation of each NFTeeGal is based on the iconography mix. Ultimately you can allow your viewpoint to be influenced by them or not.

- Background colors:

Backgrounds are thematic and represent general settings. NFTeeGals will feature a variety of backgrounds that represent emotional state and awareness. They can range from tranquility to sadness to vitality, anger and synergy with action, pacifism, and deeper self identifiers some people may use.

- Pedestals: 

Reference to our ideals and desired states of perfection or perhaps imperfection?

- Halos:

The interpretation of the Halos can be religious, can be moral and ethics based and can be referencing of the very nature of that NFTeeGal. From Lovers of Nature, of life, of living, of enjoyment? To givers, doers, makers, thinkers and shakers.

- Head Icons: 

There are simple icons that can have so much meaning to them. Think of those that question everything. Think of those that hold within themselves ideas, concepts or understanding of social settings. Think of the icon and what they usually represent and then correlate them to the over all picture.

-Hand Held Icons:

Sometimes an icon has a specific context and most of us know them. Try to remember what they represent to you personally. 

-Free Standing Icons:

Free standing icons revolve around the social meaning and context in which they exist. 


- Physical Attributes:

NFTeeGals come in a wide variety of colors and hair setups for 1 reason: to emphasize how different a person can be, we can and should celebrate our uniqueness and yet be aware that we are all connected somehow to each other via a variety of thoughts, traits and activities. 

Enjoy NFTeeGals and stay tuned for our next Collection celebrating men.